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John Howe Workshop concept Art final pie

The Art of Tiras Verey

Illustrations & Visual Arts
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About Tiras

Storyteller's Tale
Strange beings from other realms, stories about magic adventure and discovery, along with various fantastical creatures, are just a few of the things I have conjured on my journey through the artistic
realm thus far. 

Each of my works has been inspired by various weird and wonderful stories, however, they offer only a small insight into the stories I have created them for, or am still in the process of writing and illustrating..  So whether it's concept art, book illustrations, or tarot cards, even web art, visual assets and icon/logo designs, each of these things has its own tale to tell. Hence I find the term 'visual storyteller' rather more fitting. 


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Grave Robber Variants (re-rendered concepts)
Grave Robber
OBERON (Regal Garments)
Fae Lord Armoured Back View Without Cloak
Fae Lord Alt Armoured front FINAL FINAL04.jpg
Galanvire Watermark.jpg
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The Chasm of Chaos (concept art workshop piece tutored by John Howe)
The Reapers final image WM small.jpg
The Jackal: 13 Ghosts Revamped Character Design