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The Art of Tiras Verey

Illustrations & Visual Arts


About Tiras

Storyteller's Tale

Dragons, tarot cards and a wealth of magical creatures and places, are where my journey through the artistic practice has led me thus far. However, they offer only a small insight into the stories I have created them for, or am still in the process of writing and illustrating.

Each of my works has been inspired by stories, and contributes to the creation of a narrative on a much broader scheme. 

So whether it's concept art, book illustrations, or tarot cards, even web art, visual assets and icon/logo designs, each of these things has its own tale to tell. Hence I find the term 'visual storyteller' a touch more appropriate. 


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Recent Work

& Clients



Silent Studios

- Concept & promotional artwork

Simply Dragons

- Dragon Path Oracle Cards
(published by Watkins) & Book Illustration/Design

Amethyst Gray (Author)

- Book Cover, Jacket Design & Illustration


Dances with Dragons

- Web Design/Graphic Art/Promotional Illustration

Words & Wisdom

- Web Design/Graphic Art

The Witch of Moon's Lane

- Bespoke Tarot Card Designs

Bespoke Decorative Illustrations 

- (Freelance. See background image as example)






2D Art
Concept Art
Character Design
Creature Design
Graphic Design
Digital Art

Traditional Art
Pencil Drawing

Font Design
Web Art
Book Design (Layout/Jacket etc)

Logo Design
Icon Design


A little more info..


I studied Illustration BA at the Arts University Bournemouth, and then went on to achieve a distinction in Graphic Storytelling MA. For my final major project I produced two short graphic novels, 'The Curse of Mordred' and 'Mordred; Bastard Son', for which I received an 'Artist of the Year' award. 

In 2019 I was fortunate enough to take on a short concept art course, which was led by my key inspiration, John Howe (concept artist for the Lord of the Rings films).

Throughout my work as an artist, I have produced illustrations for books, full book cover designs, concept art for films, movie posters, character and creature designs, environmental paintings, logos and brand designs and pencil portraits. 

Some more notable work includes a full deck of oracle cards (Dragon Path) written by Caroline Mitchell, which have since been published by Watkins.